Welcome to Swingers Club "De Zaar"

Phone: +31 (0)653403738

When the weather is nice, our outdoor terrace is open again.

30. November
19:00 - 00:30

For couples and singles, everything is possible in a casual atmosphere. A very active evening. The evening for couples who want something different. Tonight: MILF NIGHT.

01. December
20:00 - 01:00

Start the weekend on Friday night with SEX. Just think about having fun! Access for everyone.

02. December
20:00 - 03:00

Sex party for everyone over the age of 18 who likes sex orgies. You can connect with other like-minded people. Tonight: Sex Party with partner swap.

04. December
19:00 - 00:30

Nudist night, NUDE obligatory! A Sex-Party with many couples (doers) and women alone. Gentlemen, be alert because it gets very busy. Everything is allowed, nothing is mandatory!